Age of Child

Mr. Bungles has performed for a variety of age groups and adapts to the audience.  Click on the Age group  to view party details best suited for your event.

Mr. Bungles is perfect for younger children because he does not use make up, wig, or big shoes which can be a problem for those hesitant around costumed characters. Mr. Bungles is very funny and does a lot of physical, comedic movement which all the children enjoy. Although everyone loves doing a one year old party, as we all know, they usually just absorb everything and get visual stimulation. The two’s and three’s laugh and have fun as they begin to understand and appreciate the comedy, juggling, and silly guitar music. Mr. Bungles has done many parties with a mixture of babies and older children.

Although the children love balloon sculptures they are a severe choking hazard. If a balloon pops and gets stuck in the throat, breathing can be affected. Mr. Bungles always gives the balloon creation to the parent to hold so they can make sure it doesn’t go in the mouth.

There are many times when a family will have a one year old party for their child with a mixture of older children. It is helpful to tell the age range of the children attending so Mr. Bungles can tailor the games and activities specifically to that age.Age of Child - Ages 1-3


This is a great age as the children are ready to laugh, play and have some serious fun! From juggling to magic to fun props and balloon creations, there is something for everyone. Mr. Bungles brings all kinds of comic bits, and tons of improvisation skills to every party making each event unique. Depending on the children, Mr. Bungles will bring out different props, play guitar and sing and organize different games that everyone will enjoy. Mr. Bungles comes ready to go with a strolling cart packed with an hour and a half of fun creating memories lasting long after the house is cleaned! This age range also loves the bubble, pre-made balloons and parachute options (for details, click here.)

Note: Mr. Bungles does tons of parties in restaurants, catering halls, fast food chains, bowling alleys, amusement centers, parks or at Grandma’s house if the idea of cleaning up after 223 kids (give or take a few) doesn’t appeal to you.

Get ready to laugh and have some fun! Call 203-846-2000 to discuss date and time.Age of Child - Ages 4-9


Magic If the children are interested in a magic show, Mr. Bungles can tailor his show for older kids as the magic gets more amazing and the balloon sculptures more elaborate. Often times older brothers and sisters have just as much fun as the younger kids do as Mr. Bungles gets them involved as helpers, leading games and activities. If all the kids are in this age range, the party centers around teenage activities and contests that may include balloon twisting, improvisation, contests, and games. Mr. Bungles has noticed that older kids and adults want the balloon sculptures just as much as the younger children and they love to laugh and have fun too!


Mr. Bungles has performed at weddings, holiday parties, birthdays and for company events geared mostly for adults. Mr. Bungles has even worked in nursing homes bringing smiles to people who are older and mature. Many adults enjoy wearing balloon hats are amazed at the magic, and just love the opportunity to have some fun.Age of Child - Ages 20-106


Sorry, Mr. Bungles has no experience performing for this age group but he should be able to handle it. Please provide adequate round trip transportation to get him where the party is.

NOTE: Mr. Bungles is not available for molecular transport beams as he feels the technology is too experimental.Age of Child - Ages 107-123



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