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Mr. Bungles gets the kids laughing and having fun with his juggling and magic-comedy show. For a very special event, choose from these options and the kids will have a ball!


  • Bubble Hoop – The kids get to go inside a bubble.  One to three kids can get inside a bubble for a great photo opportunity and a wonderful memory.  This works really well indoors, and is easy to clean up. The special bubble formula, only available from Party Talent, makes amazing bubbles.
  • Bubble Station – Huge wands and huge bubbles allow kids to have fun and create bubbles bigger than themselves. The bubble station works well outside, or in a garage if there is rainy weather. The kids will have a blast, and feel like a superstar as they proudly show you their amazing bubbles in the air!
  • Parachute Games – Depending on the number of kids, a 20-foot or 24-foot parachute is used to play all kinds of fun games.  The parachute games are very physical and great for active kids who love to have fun. Both parachutes are professional quality with handles and see through safety windows.
  • Pre-Made Balloons – Mr. Bungles makes hundreds of creations out of balloons that the kids love including animals, hats, flowers, superheroes, monsters, aliens, mermaids, and much more. To avoid long lines at a party, balloons are often pre-made.  The kids can watch Mr. Bungles create a few things at the party, and then get a balloon right away without waiting and getting bored. To make creative balloon sculptures at an event takes 2-5 minutes per person.  Pre-made balloons are a great solution.


Prices depend on location. Please call 203-846-2000 for details.

 Platinum: The platinum package contains the comedy show and all four party options, and includes a free ½ hour, for a total of 90 minutes of fun!

Gold: The gold package (the most popular) consists of the comedy show, and comes with three of the party options, and a free ½-hour, for a total of 90 minutes of fun!

Silver: The silver package comes with two party options in addition to the comedy show, and is 1 hour (the standard time slot).

Bronze: The bronze package consists of the one-hour comedy show and 1 option, or 90 minutes of performing time.

Build Your Own: You can add many other options, such as face painters, caricature artists, cotton candy, sno-cones, or more time at an event. Call us with your requests, and we will work out a special package just for you.

Bubble Party

Take a picture in a bubble! Works great indoors! Available year-round.

Fun Options - Parachute Party

Bubble Parties, Parachute Parties, Pre-Made Balloon Sculptures, Cotton Candy, Sno-Cones, Popcorn, and more!

Fun Options - Bubble Party




“You know you had a great party when children don’t want to go home! Mr. Bungles was great and the original balloons he brought were well worth the extra $$.”

– Molly Higgins

“You were perfect for our party – the kids had a great time – they were all entertained and well behaved. Having the balloons done in advance was great!”

– Tvonne O’Kane

Fun Options - Pre-Made Balloon Sculptures


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