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Party Talent will make your birthday party or event fun! Specializing in birthday parties, library shows, day cares, camps and corporate events, Mr. Bungles and his professional team will get the kids laughing and having a GREAT time.

Bubble Parties

Giant Bubble Parties

Mr. Bungles in a BubbleKids love bubbles!  Have some fun inside a bubble and watch the kids make bubbles bigger than themselves. Mr. Bungles makes his own homemade bubble formula for incedible fun. Available as an option with the Comedy Show or by itself.

Bubble Hoop – Imagine your kids inside a bubble!  This option is available year round. One to three kids can get inside a bubble for a great photo opportunity and a wonderful memory. This works really well indoors. The special bubble formula, only available from Party Talent, makes amazing bubbles and the kids have a great time. Self-contained system with a tarp and a blanket provides instant cleanup.

Bubble Station – Huge wands and huge bubbles allow kids to have fun and create bubbles bigger than themselves. The bubble station works well outside, or in a garage if there is rainy weather. The kids will have a blast, and feel like a superstar as they proudly show you their amazing bubbles in the air!

Bubble Fun

Party Talent! Have Fun In A Bubble

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Mr. Bungles in a Bubble

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