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Santa References

Santa Referemces

“Best Santa in the North Pole!”

The Shore and Country Club, 12/16/17

“The best compliment I can give Santa is tht a little girl whispered to her mom, ‘That’s the real Santa!’-Well done!”

Soraya Trujillo

“See you next year!”

Cora Delibertis

“The santa we had was great! Very interactive with the kids and the parents, and took a lot of great pictures!”

AJ Polizzi

“The gentleman who played Santa was amazing. He never dropped character and stayed enthusiastic the whole time.”

Stephanie Primavera

“He was the perfect santa!”

Ria Biscocho

“Santa was great. He held the children’s attention…I look forward to using Santa again for my daycare.”
Dawn Monteiro, Little Leapers Daycare

“Thank you for filling our children’s hearts with the wonder and excitement of Santa. It is truly amazing to see it in their eyes.”
Brian & Kim Meehan

“You were awesome. The kids (& adults) had a ball. You made our neighborhood Christmas party.”
Dorothy Gifford

” ‘WOW’ Paul. I could not have asked for more. Beyond wonderful. I’m calling again for my son’s 2nd birthday in March!”
Janine E. McIntyre

“The people who came said he was great with the children.”
Julie Barrett

“It was such a delight to have you entertain the children at our party. Everyone was amazed and charmed as to how you kept everyone’s attention. Thank you for making it easy on us to enjoy the party.”
Susi Sebes

“You did a great job! The kids were so excited.”
Victoria Rotante

“Santa made children very comfortable. Very approachable. Singing & dancing makes for a great warm-up for the kids!”
Renee Butrym – Italian Center

“It was a nice addition to the evening.”
Deborah Hawes