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Introduction to “The Ultimate Party Planner”

Here is an excerpt from the book The Ultimate Party Planner by Paul Mordoff


Mr. Bungles with KidsIt’s a wonderful life being a performer.  You get to travel and meet all kinds of people, make children laugh, and have a great time.

 My adventure as an entertainer started many years ago in kindergarten when my class put on a circus performance, and I had the important role of “Ring Master.”  We practiced for weeks and weeks. Many of the kids were dressed in wonderful animal costumes, and it was my job as ring master to introduce their “acts.” The big day finally arrived, and before my big debut, I started to cry. “I can’t do this; I can’t go on,” I pleaded with my teacher. One of my friends was given my part, and as I watched him perform on stage, I thought, “I could have done that!” At that moment, I realized that I wanted to perform more than anything. The following year, I proudly made my debut as the “Boastful Bass,” a comical fish character that stole the show.

 My love for performing continued to grow throughout high school and college. I played leading roles in touring productions of major musicals and dramatic works in New York and in the UK. During these years, I also created my first clown character, a juggling act which I choreographed.

 After graduating from college, I suddenly found myself a very small fish in a very large pond. I had a brief career (if you blinked, you may have missed it!) in television, film and commercials, and worked with many well known performance artists, who gave me the opportunity to develop and perfect my characterizations in various performance media.

 I soon realized that the best way to work professionally as a performer was to create my own performance opportunities. I started several touring companies and produced shows. I continued performing part-time for many years. In 1996, I decided to become a party planner and children’s entertainer. Since then, I have performed at over 3,000 birthday parties and other events.

 Currently, I perform as “Mr. Bungles,” a comedy show which features magic, crazy props, juggling, music, bubbles, games, and balloon sculptures. The kids have a blast, and the parents are relieved to know that they can relax and enjoy their guests while the kids are entertained. As a performer, it’s wonderful to create a moment that the kids will remember; and the best part is that I have just as much fun watching them laugh.

I also perform singing telegrams and balloon deliveries for adults, including various characters like a gorilla, creating a smile and fun memory for a birthday or special occasion. Yes, It’s a bizarre  world and I get a lot of crazy looks from cars passing by, but it’s a lot of fun.  Every day’s different and every-days  great because weather it is an adult in the middle of an office or a child enjoying their birthday celebration, I have the chance to brighten some ones day and perhaps give them a memory that will last a life time.

 With my years of experience, it is my hope that this book will make your party planning really easy. All your questions will be answered so you can plan the perfect event. You don’t have to pull your hair out or go through lots anxiety to plan the perfect party or search for information on the internet.   I’ll help you through it. I have done it so many times and I’ll try to answer all your questions and help you plan a great event. This book will cover everything you need to plan the perfect birthday party. You can read every chapter or just what is important to you. I have even included links that will help you buy everything you need.   So sit back, relax and enjoy.  All your party panning fears will be answered so you can plan your child’s next birthday or special event.

Balloon Manor 2014
Balloon Manor 2014

Norwalk, CT- Paul Mordoff  joined 74 other balloon artists from around the world to build Balloon Manor 2014:  The VERY Tall Tale of Jack and his Beanstalk in Rochester, NY’s historic Sibley Building atrium, February 1-4, 2014. This was the long-awaited fifth Balloon Manor from Airigami, an art studio specializing in “the fine art of folding air,” and founder and creative director Larry Moss estimated that 50,000 balloons would be used to create the five-story sculpture.

“Like our other Balloon Manors, this one was built by a crew of international artists from as far away as Russia, Singapore, Australia and Spain,” explained Moss, who has been world-renowned for his large-scale, community projects for 15 years. Some of those artists also attended the annual Twist & Shout convention, which was held in Rochester for the first time since Moss helped to found it 14 years ago; others will have travel solely to work with Airigami.

“I’ve been on the balloon manor staff twisting at every Balloon Manor since the beginning. It’s a wonderful experiencxe to be part of something that becomes so incredibly amazing. Thousands will come to see the incredible twisted balloon sculptures and be awestruck and thrilled, which makes all the hard work and long twisting hours worth it,” said Paul Mordoff, a local Norwalk resident known as the comic character, Mr. Bungles from

 The completed five-story art installation was on view from February 5-9, and visitors were able to “climb” the beanstalk from the ground-floor garden to the giant’s fifth-floor castle in the clouds via an escalator.

While former Balloon Manors (2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008) all had a haunted house theme that coincided with Halloween, this one was inspired by a fairy tale image from Airigami’s Once Upon a Time series. Unlike previous Manors, which charged admission and donated more than $80,000 in total to local charities, both the building process and the completed Manor were free and open to the public for viewing.

Additionally, Young Audiences of Rochester provided free performances and family-oriented activities featuring their teaching artists in the Sibley atrium February 5-9. Finally, the Manor went out with a bang on Monday, February 10 at 5:30 p.m. with a Popping Party. In addition to balloon-popping fun, there were refreshments, entertainment, hands-on balloon activities, and prize coupons hidden within balloons, including a grand-prize Airigami fine art piece. Tickets were $10 and available at

About Paul Mordoff: Paul Mordoff started his performing career in theater, commercials, and film, and is currently a full time entertainer and party planner. He performs as a number of characters, including the popular comic character Mr. Bungles, known throughout Connecticut and New York. With his hilarious comedy show, magic, juggling, and balloon act, he performs over 250 shows a year. His company, Party Talent, LLC, coordinates entertainment for all different kinds of events thorughout the area, working with facepainters, DJ’s, magicians, clowns, and other balloon artists. Mr. Mordoff has been twisting balloons for over 20 years and established his company in 1996. Currently, Party Talent, LLC, is considered one of the most respected  party planning companies in Connecticut.

About Airigami: Artist Larry Moss, founder and creative director of Airigami, began his career 25 years ago as a NYC street performer, but has gone on to display his amazing air-filled art in 12 countries on four continents.  His achievements have been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, the Associated Press, CNN, PBS, Smithsonian MagazineAmerican ProfileCabinet and Ripley’s Believe It or Not!  He has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, NBC’s Today show, ABC’s Good Morning America, and at the White House three times. World-renowned for his “full-blown” installations that enchant both young and old, Larry’s work brings people together as only the best public art installations can. In addition to his Balloon Manors, his accomplishments include setting and holding the world’s record for the largest, non-round balloon sculpture (Soccer Players, Belgium, 2000) as well as building and launching the world’s first piloted latex balloon sculpture (Fantastic Flying Octopus, Sodus Point, 2003). In 2009, Larry and new Airigami partner, Kelly Cheatle, began creating dimensional illustrations that combine balloons with photography and design. The pair turned Master Works – a series of 12 tributes to iconic masterpieces that have gone “viral” internationally – into a children’s picture book entitled Artist Eyes in 2011. Next, the duo created Once Upon a Time, a series of ten works inspired by childhood fantasies and fairy tales, which resulted in their second picture book, And He PuffedAn inflated story of the Three Little Pigs. Airigami’s balloon-based, illustrative work for Ogilvy & Mather in India’s Celebrate Bandra festival won a Silver Abby Award, and the duo was invited to work with those masters of claymation, Aardman Animations (Wallace and Gromit, The Pirates:  Band of Misfits) at the world’s largest ad festival, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France in 2012. In 2013, Larry and Kelly created The Cookie Chronicles, a series of three short videos for Oreo (which they dubbed “Oreogami”), as well as a 20-foot Elastic Park Acrocanthosaurus for the Virginia Museum of Natural History. They recreated Fragonard’s The Swing in 3D at Phelps Arts Center, Bouguereau’s Young Priestess at Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery, and built a giant dragon at Rochester’s National Museum of Play that was transported to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum on a Christmas Eve edition of A&E’s Shipping Wars.