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Mr. Bungles

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-Alan Ramsay 1/3/17

“Everyone enjoyed Party Talent’s performers!”
-Chris Gioielli 1/2/17

“Kids love Mr. Bungles, and Santa was so energetic and a great storyteller!”
Victoria Lamura Finnerty 12/18/16

“Thank you Paul! You were a huge hit with all of the kids. We will keep you posted on any furture events. Best Wishes.”
-Claire Gilvar 12/14/16

“Mr. Bungles had our group of mixed-age children laughing and smiling the entire time. Everyone was engaged and happy. Thank you for a fun event and for making the birthday boy so happy!”
-Cassi Yusi 12/7/16

“The Best. Kids love him.”
-Scott Kassouf 11/18/16

“Mr. Bungles was very good at accommodating the large crowd we had. The balloons were great. The kids loved them!”
-Jess Sturgeon 11/18/16

“Mr. Bungles was a hit at the party. All of the kids enjoyed themselves. Overall, it was a great show, and I look forward to booking you guys again!”
-Lyanne Rivera 11/17/16

“Mr. Bungles was fantastic and super talented. The kids and adults loved it.”
-Barbara McDonald 11/15/16

“The clergy was so impressed they asked when/how can we use him again.”
-Carrie McMaster 10/24/16

“Great party! Kids loved Mr. Bungles, and he is already booked for my next event!”
-Lily Perry 10/7/16

“Good interaction with the children and the adult guests. Balloons and bubbles were extremely inventful. My grandkids were talking about it for days after the event.”
-Walter Champion 10/11/16

“Wonderful as always!”
-Kathleen Gordon 10/11/16

“The perfect event for kids. Keeps them entertained for hours while they watch the creations come together.”
-Barb Hazelton 10/10/16

“Mr. Bungles was great at accommodating a wide age range (2 thru 12 years old). The kids (and the parents) enjoyed the show very much and were very complimentary.”
-Virginie Stujenske 9/25/16

“Mr. Paul has experience on giving advice to a first time mom who wasn’t sure about time and kind of performance for young children. That was a plus!”
-Giovana Parre 8/8/16

“Bubbles were great, and we were a very young crowd! The children were thrilled….”
-Nancy Ferullo 7/25/16

“We had the indoor/outdoor bubbles. The children (3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds) enjoyed it a lot.”
-Jeanne Bartko 7/20/16

“This is our third time booking a show with Party Talent. Every time Mr. Bungles visits our school, both children and adults have a great time!”
-Emma Hauslaib 7/19/16

“We love you, Mr. Bungles!!”
-Lauriston Avery 6/27/16

Pleasure having you.”

“Paul was very helpful and friendly from the beginning and put on a show my wife and coworkers will never forget! Thank you!!!”
-Jason Larche 4/20/16

“Whether you are 2 years old, 20 years old, or 70 years old…being inside a bubble is exciting! My guests loved it!”
Jeneen Valentin 4/11/16

“Well organized, entertaining, easy to work with, and full of energy.”
-Jamie Bernard 3/26/16

“The balloon assortment that was delivered made Addison’s day! Thank you for going out of your way to print out our personalized message for her and for fitting in the delivery last minute.”
– Melissa Lohr

“Mr. Bungles does not disappoint. The kids loved it!”
-Mieke Duxbury 2/16/16

“We love Mr. Bungles! 3rd year we have had him.”
-Sindy Von Ziegesar 2/14/16

“Paul was fantastic! We all had a great time; the kids were engaged and laughed at all the acts of Mr. Bungles. Parents loved him too!”
-Molly Howe 2/10/16

“High marks overall! Great level of professionalism. We’ll definitely use him again!! We were very pleased.”
-Soraya Trujillo 1/27/16

“Mr. Bungles entertained all the kids at my son’s 4th birthday party-10 year olds and 4 year olds were cracking up at Mr. Bungles’ show!”
-Kristy Papadakos 1/1/16

“Kids had a blast, and Mr. Bungles was prompt and gave a great show.”
-Victoria Lamura-Finnerty 12/26/15

“Loved the bubble show, too!”
-Terri Clyne 12/22/15

“We had a great time. The performance was awesome, we enjoyed every part of it. It was entertaining for the children and adults!!”
-Aicha Alaoui 12/5/15

“Kids loved it and ‘Q’ was beaming! Thank you!”
-Abigail Knott 12/2/15

“Had a total of 28 Toddlers. Mr. Bungles not only had all of the kids attention, but the parents were joining in the laughter as well. Thank you!!”
-Nina Becker 11/20/15

“Loved it. Thank you!”
-Jenny Jimenez 11/20/15

“Mr. Bungles was so wonderful my eight great grandchildren were enthralled with his performance. They laughed so hard and loved every minute.”
-Mary Gardiner 11/10/15

“Mr. Bungles was awesome! Thanks for bringing the FUNNY to our party!”
-Kathy 10/24/15

“The children and teachers alike thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We had a lot of hands on time with the bubbles and didn’t want the program to end!”
-Ann Petroccio 9/1/15

“Mr. Bungles was amazing…”
-Kathleen Hagerty 7/28/15

“We had over 70 kids, mostly pre-k to 4th grade. They were truly amazed with Mr. Bungles. The laughter and expressions on their faces were priceless. The comedy show kept them mesmerized and filled with laughter. They are still talking about Mr. Bungles. The adults were just as excited about the magic!”
-La-Nelle Harris 7/21/15

“Thank you Mr. Bungles. The children had so much fun. you made our ice cream social an exciting night!”
-Laura Lipinsky 7/17/15

“Thought Mr. Bungles was great…The bubbles were great!”
-Melissa Post 7/17/15

“It was a pleasure to watch the children all ages as well as the adults laugh and giggle through the whole show!!”
-Chery Iannuci 7/17/15

“We ALWAYS invite Mr. Bungles to our summer program TWICE in the 9 week program because we ALL-staff and children- love him so much!”
Lauriston Avery 7/7/15

“Mr. Bungles went out of his way to modify his act for my 10 year old crowd. They were captivated. This guy has entertainment in his soul!!! Best $ I ever spent!”
-Shannan Hardy 6/29/15

“Mr. Bungles is the best clown ever!!”
-Lara P. 6/28/15

“Mr. Bungles did a great job of keeping the attention of 45 3&4 year olds! The kids really enjoyed his show. I will be in touch to book Mr. bungles for another party in August!”
-Jaclyn Gallo 6/12/15

“We’ll definitely have Mr. Bungles come back next year!”
-Pauline Zhang 6/6/15

“Mr. Bungles was the highlight of our party! Kids of all ages had a blast!”
J. Roh 5/21/15

“Mr. Bungles was fantastic! The kids absolutely loved him and he kept them thoroughly entertained.”
-Margaret O’Donnell 5/20/15

“Great job! Kid’s had a blast. Thank you!”
Kym Caputo 5/17/15

“All the kids and staff were very pleased with Mr. Bungles’ performance, as was I. His energy and way of interacting with everyone was excellent! We look forward to booking him again. The birthday girl couldn’t stop talking about her wonderful day, and that is exactly what we wanted!”
-Javana Russoti 3/12/15

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